As fate puts it ….

Let us pretend that all is well in this world. Let us assume that everything is within reach of an individual. Let us remember the story told to us when we were small , that anything and everything can be achieved  through hard work.

But before that let us take a close look at the world around us . A child is born in America.  He is born outside a garage and is taken to a foster home. He is taken up by foster parents who dream to educate him at a top graduate school . He goes to a government school, tries hard to achieve a good GPA . He enters a leading University in the USA but starts thinking of changing the world . His vision makes him drop out of a school , and initiates in him a will to start a business . He raises capital for his business and begins his journey to complete his vision. Twenty years later he is the proud owner of the multi billion dollar technology firm known as “ Apple ”. He grins and remembers the story of achieving anything through hardwork . Today the world bows down to him in recognition.
Now let us take another close look at another part of the world. A child is born in Pakistan . He is born to a poor family. He goes to a government school and his parents, through sheer hard work, try to aggregate enough money to send him to a top Pakistani University. While in a University , he realizes that the burden of the world is hanging on his shoulders. He tops his university. He graduates and hopes to change the world. He realizes that he has to take care of his family who were waiting to see this very day , his graduation day .  Suddenly , his world falls down on him . He realizes there is no way he can have enough money to start a business .  He cant find a job , even after the hardwork he has done. He suddenly realizes that his dream of changing the world is torn apart .

A world torn apart !
He tries to become a research assistant at his Alma matter with the ultimate motive of going out for a foreign post graduate education.  But he suddenly realizes that the government has slashed the funding for education and that there is no more place for research assistants at his university. He goes back to his home in a state of utter disbelief dejection and humility . He sits idle and hopeless. He remembers the story of achieving anything through hardwork and sneers. Today the world mocks at him for his failure.

The former story is that of steve jobs . The latter story is that of every pakistani graduate out there who does not have a high level contact in some multinational company or is not the son of an industrialist.  Both go through the same circumstances but in one place the society fulfills the dream of a child and in the other case the society is complicit in destroying the dream of a child.
Certainly in circumstances like these one can only leave it upto destiny , and perhaps blame destiny for the vast disparity in fortune . Indeed that might be true to some extent , but we must also remember we are equally to blame for a corrupt system that nurtures corruption and destroys every small dream we have .

Let us persevere through this darkness and make an oath to sacrifice our dreams for a reality, a reality that one day a small child could grow  up with a dream ,with a vision  and that dream, that vision would not be snatched away from him by us. 

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