23rd March and Revolutions

First of all happy Pakistan day and many many good wishes to all my country men and to my country.
Everyone has been talking about revolution wish we need and how badly we need it. But the bad thing is are we personally ready for a revolutionary movement. I guess not may be i am wrong but if you see the attitude of ours in the situations in which we are i don’t think that you will disagree with me.
We have through much bad times than Libya, Egypt, Bahrain and other countries which are having these revolutions.
I think our immune system has gotten used to these bad politicians and their respective deeds. We have been killed, made suffer and suffocated since ages and we never got up against it.
If you are wondering why then answer is simple we are not yet ready for any thing else but cricket and parties. I am so sorry that I hurt you on this special day Pakistan is playing an important match and I am being rubish.
In my opinion after partition we haven’t gotten over the fact that now we are free as a nation and we do not have to please our masters any more.
May Allah be with Pakistan
And may Allah’s guidance be with us.

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