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I was sitting with some of the journalists and columnists in Islamabad Club yesterday after a sumptuous Buffet Iftar dinner, when a unique incident happened, which at least opened the eyes of many of my friends sitting around the table. Couple of Arab guys from Saudi embassy were also present at the moment.

The discussion was in direction of the decline of the Muslim world, and the way West and its culture was dominating us, and the way US and NATO were attacking Muslim countries one by one. One lady anchorperson from Samaa TV, with full makeup on, in a flashy dress, squealed and said,” We have a very rich history, we have once defeated this West, and we can do it again. She then gave reference of the Conquer of Spain.”

One of the Arab sitting cut her sentence there and said,”We? I don’t recall that any Pakistani was involved in that military campaign, and I even safely recall that Pakistan even didn’t exist at that time, and it was just Arabs who did it…….”

The mouth of lady anchorperson hung in the air, and she left the table for the washroom.

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