Possible and feasible cure for Dengue Fever

ISLAMABAD–Dr Nadeem Ali, a microbiologist at the Quaid-e-Azam University here, has offered what he cites as a “proven” cure for Dengue Fever.

According to the doctor, if some drops of lemon juice are mixed with a glass of apple juice are given to anybody suffering from Dengue, it will result in a considerable increase in the number of platelets (particles found in blood plasma) and this in turn would cure the patient from the disease afflicting him or her.

Dr Nadeem further states that the mixture of lemon juice and apple juice is an antidote which is effective against the virus that causes Dengue.

The doctor has extended this piece of medical advice via emails to several people including staff at The Daily Mail.The experts were of the view that there was no short cut to deal with the epidemic but a long-term strategy was required to control the virus.

Shahbaz Sharif said that awareness campaigns had been launched to curb Dengue virus, however public cooperation was crucial in this regard.

Dengue symptoms include lowered blood platelets accompanied by high fever, body rash and vomiting

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