Why I still love Samsung S3

A few weeks back i bought Samsung Galaxy S3

so IPhone 5 comes out with the following revolutionary features and showcases them to the world for the first time!
* LTE (it is not deployed where i live yet so useless)
* Wireless N 2.4GHz/5GHz (everynew device has it)
* 4-inch display!!!! (samsung had a 4inch IPS display two years ago)
* A6 processor so loading apps is fast! (how fast! faster than a quadcore on my S3)
* 5 rows of icons!(is that really an acheivement, on android you can do it since version 2.3)
* Panorama feature (nokia had it in early 2009 and come on even ICS had it since 2011)
* 1080p HD video recording ()
* 8 MP camera
* Turn by turn navigation (google maps had it since before times )
* Lighting is the new smaller connector. (apple why dont you follow the usb standard which nearly 99.99% of the mobile devices have and they fully support it.

Best of all it looks exactly like the IPhone 4/4s so there’s no new learning curve.

But when you come to the Samsung Flagship phone i9300 a.k.a S3 you will know that it is better than the newer IPhone5 in so many ways.

  • better and quicker camera
  • better and open-source OS
  • better and bigger display
  • better and awesome play store
  • better and beautiful aesthetics and design.
  • better and faster processor.

and now the pictures 🙂