ORD Obsessive-ROM Updating Disorder
you might have it if you:
-Flashes new roms as soon as they are available
-Need to have the lastest OS build
-Need to have the latest packages, it do not matter if there is no changes to the application, just as long as it has a higher build number.
-Is often forgetful in daily activities because you are thinking of what the next leaked update will be.
-Often does not follow instructions and fails to finish schoolwork, chores, or duties in the workplace because your urge to browse websites such as Htcpedia or xda-developers.
-Difficulties completing household chores as you are constantly refreshing your browser for updated roms.
-Often having difficulty concentrating on conversations as you are constantly backing up, setting up, customizing rom or rebooting your device.
-Appearing not to listen when spoken to (often being accused of being obsessed with “that damn phone”