TLDR: Wishing you happy birthday @zoobiaameer Agreeing to the…

TLDR: Wishing you happy birthday @zoobiaameer

Agreeing to the mere fact that we are nothing but a grain of dust on a green planet in this vast cosmos filled with infinite stars and likely infinite living things,
Your existence is of utmost significance to me so much that I feel like you complete me.
Each and every moment i have spent with you makes me wish i had known you since beginning of my consciousness. Considering time travel is not possible for now, I wish to spent every last moment with you. I still remember the moment I laid eye on you and till now its been a roller coaster ride ever since, full of love, passion, devotion and care, I feel the luckiest man and husband alive.
As its said normally, “don’t know which deed’s reward are you” but you indeed are the best thing that happened to me. The care and hard work you give to my family and children is exceptional, the love and devotion you show towards me is beyond words. Every moment that i share with you is a life time in its own. Thanking you is just not enough but I can keep loving you till my last breath.
*ti amo ogni giorno di piu* (at Peshawar, Pakistan)

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