COMSATS University Protest June 2019 – my two cents

Dear readers (students, parents, colleagues and friends), following views are my own and for the purpose of clearing some air regarding COMSATS University faculty protest as per my knowledge as of June 2019.
I have been part of COMSATS (CIIT then CUI) since about 4 years and there have been many irregularities (in hiring, management and workload). Since upgradation to COMSATS University through University Act [1], all people belonging to the COMSATS family in any capacity have demanded to have an audit to remove the issues, and make the clean transition.
Though the transition had been made but the statutes have not been adopted in its full spirit, moreover various kinds of unlawful favours and advantages have been taken from time to time. During this period faculty together stood and organized to form a lawful association which is right of every Pakistani citizen and employee under Govt. of Pakistan.
Through this organization, Academic Staff Association in COMSATS University Islamabad (ASA CUI) [2], proper election have been conducted to constitute a body which represents its a great majority [3] of Academic Staff (faculty and staff). This body through several requests followed by peaceful protests have been requesting Rector CUI to resolve lawful and genuine requests of the Faculty .
It is to clarify that since day one ASA has been demanding peacefully to consider resolving faculty issues in front of CUI administration but unfortunately the administration have not given any importance to the justified and rightful demands [4].
Finally, resorting to peaceful protest until our demands have not been met, seems to be the only way out. A University is comprised 2 important and essential elements, Students and Faculty. If the faculty is not rightfully treated then its difficult rather wrong to expect quality teaching.