NWA Operation – Bombing for peace is like fucking for…

NWA Operation – Bombing for peace is like fucking for virginity

Our media as well as many Facebook fanatics have turned Operation #Zarb-e-Azb in to a cricket match. News flashes/ status updates are coming like this; 50 killed, 100 killed, 150 killed, 200 killed. Many have turned it in to a thriller movie. Do you know that hundreds and thousands of men, women and children are being displaced and suffering in this scorching heat? Can you imagine spending a day under the ruthless summer sun let alone months? Don’t enjoy this operation, have some sympathy for the displaced.

9 May: US foreign secretary visits Islamabad, meets Nawaz and Raheel “shurfa”

11 May: Curfew launched in North Waziristan Agency (NWA); dialogues seized.

20-21 May: Air strikes on NWA, killing hundreds of civilians (http://bit.ly/1qU8OHF)

25 May: Pakistan receives CSF inflows worth $370 million (http://bit.ly/1lHybYV)

12 June: US Congress links aid to military operations (http://bit.ly/T0JGQ4)

14 June: US pressure for operation in Waziristan mounts (http://bit.ly/1jtRG2S)

15 June: “Pak” army launches operation ‘Zarb-e-Azb’ in North Waziristan.

16 June: US assures of remaining amount of coalition support fund (http://bit.ly/1hU3S1I)

I have found the answer to Faraz’s query, Have you?

ٓاج سرحد سے پنجاب و مہران تک

تم نے مقتل سجائے ہیں کیوں غازیو

اتنی غارتگری کس کی ایما پہ ہے

کس کے آگے ہو تم سر نگوں غازیو

کس شہنشاہ عالی کا فرمان ہے

کس کی خاطر ہے یہ کشت و خوں غازیو


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